Graphology Basics

Graphology Basics

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Width of Line <--click for more

The width of your line tells all about your sensuality. Here are some examples:

Full-bodied lines desire for sensual pleasure, depth to appetites and enjoyment, can have expensive tastes, great enjoyment of texture, sound, sight, smell and taste, etc.

Medium line width---average sensuality, could enjoy a gourmet meal but can refrain from cognac etc., enjoys sensual pleasure in moderation.

Thin line width---sensitive and refined, sensual gratification has to be carefully accomplished.

Handwriting pressure <--click for more

Handwriting pressure is all about energy. Here are some examples:

Heavy -- dark, presses into the paper heavily---forceful, dynamic, productive, depth of emotion, aggressive spirit, will burn candle on both ends---deep well of energy

Medium -- medium dark and pressure to paper---energetic, resourceful, will shoulder his share of responsibility, when inspired---dynamic and productive---energetic but knows how to rest when well runs dry

Light -- adaptable, light-hearted, easy-going, forgives easily, energy reserves are short lived, can't finish projects easily, in a stressful environment, she becomes tense and withdrawn

Extra heavy pressure -- great emotional tension, strong feelings of fear, anger or competition, maybe too much pressure on the person

Extra light pressure -- anxiety---different than tension in that it is a constant, unsolveable feeling sometimes brought on be feeling unable to ever please

Welcome to Graphology Basics <--click for more

If you've ever wanted to know more about the art of handwriting analysis, otherwise known as graphology, you've come to the right place. I'll go over the tricks and techniques on how to use it. Plus, I'll add a few interesting anecdotes as I find them. Have fun, and keep an open mind!

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